Letter from the President:



My motherland, Armenia with all her glory and sophistication has gone through a major turmoil in social transition and experienced devastation in economical, infrastructure and civil society sectors during the past two decades.
The consequences of the disastrous earthquake (December 1988), conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh (1989-1994), the independence from the Soviet Union (1991), the economic blockade, the deterioration of traditional economic relations and loss of markets, all of these factors caused deep financial crisis in the country.

Although Armenia is in a developing stage which can be witnessed with an elegant downtown, high rise buildings, elite real estate, famous boutiques, restaurants, fountains and cappuccinos, but the harsh living resides a short hour from the Republic Square, where poverty is very much alive.

Independence from the Soviet era resulted in poverty rate of 43- 51 percent in rural areas. Some villages experience high unemployment rate of 18-76 percent, this phenomena results in migration of over 1 million people to the surrounding countries…in many cases our intelligent youth leaves the country to seek employment and better living standards…..WE SHOULD STOP this movement.

Dear friends…..our villages are foundation of Armenia, only 10 percent of 956 villages are functional, the balance are on the verge of destruction. Poor infrastructure, extreme poverty, high unemployment, lack of technical and financial resources are major contributors to high migration.

Our message is clear, we will start a journey to build a stronger Armenia and hope you can join us:

  1. Eradicate poverty in rural areas
  2. Community Development
  3. Income generation for self sustainability

It’s about time to “teach a man how to fish to feed for life”.  Let’s unite and collaborate to



May God continues to bless Armenia

Yours for Armenia

Hilda Grigorian, MBA
Ph.D. Candidate


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